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Enthusiasts – Since you love flowers, would never have an event without them, and are making sure they are always present in your home and work environments the Care-N-Handling Guidelines will come in handy for:

  • Enjoying event flowers longer
  • Teaching co-workers how to care for office flowers
  • Clarity when you’re “just not sure what’s best” for the blooms currently in your home and the ability to (when in doubt) re-arrange!

Expressionists – Flowers are your first choice as gifts and sentiments and the Care-N-Handling Guidelines can offer your recipients:

  • Instructions for making their flowers last a long time
  • Tips for placing the flowers in their home
  • Permission to rearrange their design for longevity

Hobbyists – You’re the DIYers in the group and you’ll buy flowers anywhere. So the Care-N-Handling Guidelines will help you understand:

  • The difference in the life-stage of your flowers from your favorite floral retailers
  • How to care for your flowers in their various stages
  • How to purchase the right stage of flowers for a specific situation

Future Flower Handlers – Floristry is an industry you’d like to work or be more involved in so the Care-N-Handling Guidelines will get you started on your journey. Just remember:

  • The guidelines were developed for consumers – enjoy them for what they are. As a professional, there will be a different set of care and handling guidelines you’ll need to learn. The way I handle flowers in my kitchen (any way I want) is different than the way I treat them in my studio (with the best interest of my client in mind).
  • Practice makes perfect. Following the guidelines will allow your flowers to last a long time making styling and design practice cost effective.
  • Working in the industry will require that you educate your clients – begin that now by sharing your new care and handling information with friends and family.




Enthusiasts – Okay, you might not ALWAYS have flowers in your living environment so use the Inspiration List to share your love of flowers by:

  • Mounting the phrases in picture frames
  • Painting the text in wall art
  • Using a quote as your email signature

Expressionists – Along with your floral offering use the Inspiration list to:

  • Find a poem for a note card
  • Place a quote in an enclosure card
  • Include a passage in a letter

Hobbyists – For you it’s all about the hands on experience but within the Inspiration List you can find:

  • A phrase to label your toolbox
  • The perfect words for posting in your design area
  • A mantra for your favorite pastime

Future Flower Handlers – My oh, my … where to start with you? You can begin to use the Inspiration List for all of the above and:

  • Add them to your floral journals
  • Place them around to remind you of your dreams and visions
  • Consider ways to use them in your future business



Enthusiasts – Designing might not be your thing, but a few elements from the Set Up Essentials will help you:

  • Trim the expired blooms from your already styled arrangements
  • Replenish your flowers with food when they need it
  • Keep your floral supplies handy and out of site

Expressionists – The Set Up Essentials offer accessory ideas that your recipients will love along with your floral gifts:

  • A classic styling vase to go with a big bouquet of flowers
  • Extra flower food to go with with a foam based floral design
  • A pair of clippers to go with a full vase of flowers

Hobbyists – The Set Up Essentials were created for you! I tried to cover all the things you need to start and continue to play with flowers. Just keep tabs on how big this hobby gets and how much space it is taking in your life:

  • Start with a small container (a plastic water pitcher will do) and put all your existing floral design tools and supplies in it.
  • As your collection grows find new Flower Holding Station containers to keep everything tidy
  • Make a point to use what you have in practicing design. Spread the joy and let design supplies go when offering arrangements to others.
  • The way to keep your ideas fresh and trendy is not to have a bunch of old styling paraphernalia hanging around

Future Flower Handlers – Your collection of floral tools and supplies is going to quickly get out of hand. The Set Up Essentials will allow you to experiment and play. You’ll begin to:

  • Discover how fun it is to experiment with new containers, supplies and techniques
  • Create a signature design style through your favorite things to work with
  • Choose a few essential tools that you can’t live without



Enthusiasts – Even if designing is not your thing … the Styling Tecq. Sheets will allow you to easily:

  • Salvage a big event centerpiece by re-arranging it into smaller containers
  • Replace and refresh flowers in a vase display
  • Rescue fading blooms in your home and give them new life

Expressionists – Your joy is in giving flowers. The Styling Tecq. Sheets will allow you to:

  • Turn a casual bouquet into a meaningful design
  • Split a vase of flowers into multiple gestures of appreciation
  • Print and offer your recipients styling ideas they can use

Hobbyists – Again, the Styling Tecq. Sheets were created with you in mind. Why should the professionals get all the fun? You’ll be able to:

  • Create armatures that you can use over and over again
  • Get the pleasure of designing first in a large vase, then to a medium vase and finally to a smaller container – using a different technique each time
  • Enjoy your hobby in a cost effective way by having your flowers last a long time

Future Flower Handlers – No matter where you begin or land in the floral industry you’ll probably be asked to design at some point. Practicing with the Styling Tecq. Sheets will help you with all of the above and:

  • Give you the confidence to design on the spot w/ some tried and trusted techniques
  • Allow you to produce multiple arrangements – fast and sure – with your favorite method of design
  • Mix and match techniques to create your own signature style

Well, there you go Flower Lovers.

If you didn’t know how you were going to use your resources before  … you do now.

Be sure to let me know how you are using them and I’ll try to share your ideas and more in the future on the blog.

As always …

Warm Regards & Enjoy Your Floral Journey,

Dottie Harrigan

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