With full lives come lots of opportunities for expressing gratitude, appreciation, well wishes and congratulations. Flowers can be your “Go-To” solution for offering the perfect sentiment to express your feelings to friends and family. After all …

“Flowers Are Love’s Truest Language”

Park Benjamin

Watch our video below and discover how to use the “Charming Aspects of Flowers” to create enchanting relationships with those you love and care for. And, then read below for design-by-design details of how the arrangements were created so you can make your own floral interpretations.

Discover How to Use the

Charming Aspects of Flowers

to Create

Enchanting Relationships

Design by Design Details

The images we used in this video are of arrangements designed in the Flowerhandlers booth at the World Floral Expo in New York 2013. The flowers were donated by WFE exhibitors. The arrangements were made by Dottie, Skye, Carol and Jacqueline. As usual, the preparation of concept and containers took the most time and were done prior to the show.

Below I’ve listed the steps and techniques used (to the best of my recollection) so you can reproduce variations of your own for gifts and sentiments because …

 “Flowers Are Unconditional Interpreters of Emotion.”



FGM Styling TecQ #2: Handy Hand-Tied

Container & Supplies Preparation: A simple design vase was embellished with a length of beaded ribbon around the neck. A wire armature was made as an accent.

Flowers By: Connectiflor

On the Scene: Carol Inskeep AIFD dropped by the booth to visit and swirled these two-toned roses into a quick little hand-tie using the pre-made wire armature as a base for the bouquet. Then she added in a wisp of curly willow to blend the blooms with the color of their stems. the hand-tied was bound with beige wax cord – which you don’t see because of the ribbon trim on the vase.


FGM TecQ #3 Lovely Liners & #6 Exterior Wire Armature

Container & Supplies Preparation: A plastic cylinder vase was covered with a reed placemat. The ends were formed to be flat extensions making the container look wider than it actually is. The placemat was anchored into place with doubled sided tape. A loosely crocheted wire armature was made to drape over the container and was anchored in place by wiring it through 2 holes punched in the vase.

Flowers By: Amy’s Orchids

On the Scene: Two Dieffenbachia leaves were draped over the armature. Dendrobium Orchids were placed in the vase and through the armature with some stems in water and some stems exposed out of water – not a long lasting design choice. Once the exposed orchids collapsed a little we were able to bend them enough to be re-cut and re-inserted into the design with their stems in water.  


FGM Styling TecQ #5 Foliage Basing

Container & Supplies Preparation: Before this little bunny was shipped to the show we found the perfect size and shape food storage container and painted it pastel green to be used as a liner.

Flowers By: Bellaflor

On the Scene: At the show we dis-assembled a mini-mixed bouquet and used all the foliage from it to create a thick base. Then we added each individual flower bloom starting with the largest and working to the smallest blooms: (roses, gerbera, daisies, veronica, and hanging amaranthus). To finish we inserted a wooden skewer into the succulent (creating a fake a stem) and placed it in the middle of the design.


FGM TecQ #8 Divide & Conquer

Container & Supplies Preparation: After forty years of owning a home we have lots of wood scraps left from projects. So, we’ve begun using them to create vessels for floral decor. This base is just a 10″ 2×4 with three holes drilled in to fit 3 bottles. An armature was made by crocheting bark wire and weaving birch branches through it. The armature was draped over the vases and was anchored to the vases with natural colored bind wire.

Flowers By: Sande Callas

On the Scene: Callas were left out of water long enough to soften. Then they were draped over through the armature with most of their stems inserted in water. Those stems out of water will last a while and will eventually need to be re-cut, re-arranged and re-inserted to drink.


FGM Styling TecQ #: Line-Em-Up

Container & Supplies Preparation: These containers I didn’t prepare. They are Jacqueline Boerma originals. But you can see what she did. Six little bud vases (one each: pink, lavender, blue, yellow, peach and green) were assembled on a platter with seashore treasurers scattered at the base.

Flowers By: Multiple Exhibitors

On the Scene: I’m going to guess that flowers were inserted in this order – from tallest to shortest: curly willow, tulips, anemone, and then the yellow filler flowers (I don’t know what those are). I’m guessing the butterflies were added as the final touches.

I didn’t watch Jacqueline design these. She could have designed them individually, grouped them on the platter and then added the scatter. She could also have added the willow as an after thought. Either way – you could get the same results for yourself with any assortment of bud vases and flowers.  


FGM TecQ #3 Lovely Liners

Container & Supplies Preparation: This is a set of plastic cylinder vases – one smaller than the other wrapped with a reed placemat. I cut one side of the placemat off at an angle then wrapped the vases and anchored the mat into place with double faced tape. So, the “design vase” has two compartments.

Flowers By: Jet Fresh

On the Scene: Italian ruscus was cut and placed in both vases to start the fill. Then the mini-carns were distributed based on color – lightest color being the tallest / darkest shades being cut to the shortest lengths – just so you could see and recognize the variations in these gorgeous blooms. Curly willow was put in last – adding some drama to the vertical design.


FGM TecQ #11 Popular Paraphernalia

Container & Supplies Preparation: This is another Jacqueline Boerma idea. No preparation except to gather all color coordinating supplies: large shells for containers, assorted small decorative shells, and beads.

Flowers By: Unknown Exhibitor

On the Scene: I’m sure these flowers were remnants from the grand and glorious displays that Jacqueline was demonstrating on stage: orange hypericum berries, champagne spray roses, and just the petals stripped from a large bi-color rose.

A tablespoon of water and all the ingredients above were distributed into shells for the perfect little mini displays.


FGM TecQ #2 Handy Hand-Tied

Container & Supplies Preparation: For this trade show all my design containers had to be shipped ahead of time – weight was a major factor for my budget. So, I used these plastic cylinder vases for many of the designs – because they were so light. Instead of covering this (grey) one completely I just embellished it.

Pink yarn and a hand-made wire leaf trims the bottom. At the top a more elaborate nosegay cuff made with a (doughnut shaped) cardboard base – covered with pink yarn, crystals, and hand-made wire leaves. The pink deco wire armature is a separate form.

Flowers By: Paradise Flowers

On the Scene: On the scene I just had to find the perfect flowers to match my set up. And, I believe I did with this one single white hydrangea with pastel overtones.


FGM TecQ #9 Exterior Natural Armature

Container & Supplies Preparation: This is another wood base we made by cutting holes to hold vessels – one for a budvase the other holds a votive cup. You could easily use 2 matching budvases instead of the votive – or mix it up from time to time.

Flowers By: Mrs. Blooms

On the Scene: At the show we manipulated curly willow to fold back into itself. Then we wove hanging amaranths through the willow. Finally we attached a single gold Cymbidium and two Oncidium stems from an Orchid grower to the branch and placed a cluster of color (cymbidium and amaranthus) in the votive.


FGM TecQ #4 Maxi-Mini Clusters

Container & Supplies Preparation: A half block of foam was placed in the square white container and a section of soft white knitted yarn was wrapped around the outside of the container to give it a more sophisticated look.

Flowers By: Flores de la Campiña

On the Scene: At the show the foam was wet down. A large cluster of open lilies were bound with the same white yarn from the tops to the bottom of the stems to form a topiary shape. The stems were then inserted into the foam as a group and single lily blooms were placed at the base of the container to finish off the design.


FGM TecQ #3 Lovely Liners & FGM TecQ #12 Line-Em-Up

Container & Supplies Preparation: I’m always looking for stand alone home decor items that can be attractive with or without flowers. I mean the ultimate is to always have flowers in the house but the reality is that once they expire the vessel is likely to be empty until I can get them replaced. So I want it to be pretty on its own. This three layer container is one that we made in the Flowerhandlers studio.

It starts with a stained wooden 2×4 base. The green section is Styrofoam which was shaped with a foam cutter. Four holes large enough for oversized water tubes to fit in were drilled into the top of the foam in a row. Then the foam was covered in plaster, left to dry and then painted with metallic green paint.

The final layer is a hand shaped mesh of green decor wire, which was anchored and glued to the green base in several places. It offers an armature to brace blooms against and through.

Flowers By: Roseville Farms

On the Scene: At the show we just added water to the tubes hidden in the base wove clematis through the wire armature. Simple and Beautiful.


FGM TecQ #3 Lovely Liners & FGM TecQ #6 Exterior Wire Armature

Container & Supplies Preparation: A chunk of floral foam was placed in a plastic food storage container that fit perfectly in this little gift box. A length of deco wire was embellished with restrung beads and bobbles from a broken necklace.

Flowers By: Connectiflor

On the Scene: Tall yellow roses were placed in the foam to be a flared shape. The embellished deco wire was wrapped in an artistic way around each rose stem to hold the roses in position. The remaining yellow roses were cut short and inserted directly into the foam to cover the base.


FGM TecQ #1 Rubber Band

Container & Supplies Preparation: This is another basic plastic cylinder vase covered with a placemat for better color and added texture.

Flowers By: Naniwa Flower Auction

On the Scene: Six long wispy trailing flowering branches were bound at the bottom of their stems with a rubber band, inserted into the vase of water, and then flared around the vase – their stems becoming a 6-part grid to distribute the rest of the blooms into.

Flowers were added from largest to smallest and left in their own groupings instead of being distributed equally throughout the arrangement.  


FGM TecQ #6 Exterior Wire Armature

Container & Supplies Preparation: Here is another plastic cylinder vase covered with a placemat. Two holes were drilled into the upper rim of the vase so an armature could be anchored to it. At the show we made a loose exterior wire armature of black flat wire and anchored it to the vase with black spool wire.

Flowers By: Sian Roses

On the Scene: Orange roses were cut in groups to various lengths and placed from the front of the vase (short) to the back of the vase (tall) for a one-sided display.


FGM TecQ #10 Interior Natural Armature

Container & Supplies Preparation: A 1″ shallow tray was covered on the outside with a strip of placemat. Sections of two placemats were cut on diagonals and (using hot pan glue) were glued to the shallow tray in swirls that created pockets for flowers to be placed in.

Flowers By: Naranjo Roses

On the Scene: Water was added to the container and roses of different heights were placed in the pockets. Lemon leaf (salal) was layered around the base to hide the raw (undecorated) areas of the container.


FGM TecQ #7 Interior Wire Armature

Container & Supplies Preparation: This is a skinny plastic vase wrapped in a placemat in such a way that “wings” show left and right of the vase. The vase is only as tall as the fourth band of borders on the placemat – but because it’s just a liner that doesn’t cause a problem. A black deco exterior wire armature was made in the shape of flowers petals with a long stems that intersect inside the vase and act as interior armatures that weigh the petal armature in place. The whole armature was collapsed flat for travel and reshaped at the show.

Flowers By: Roseville Farms

On the Scene: Interior and exterior wire armatures held the long thin clematis stems in place for this wispy arrangement.  


You can see that as you practice and play with flower arranging you can mix and match techniques to suite your needs. And you can choose simple or lavish selections of flowers to convey your feelings as the perfect medium for expression. I hope you’ll consider flowers more often (whether DIY or via a floral professional) as you think of the gifts and sentiments you want to offer friends and loved ones because …

“Flowers are not a luxury but a necessity for life well lived.”


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“May your life … and those you offer gifts and sentiments to …

be touched by the beauty and wonder of flowers.”

Dottie Harrigan

“The Flower Godmother”