Hey There, Flower Lovers,

Community minded people like you often find themselves as part of an event decorations committee for their favorite organization, charity or cause.

But it isn’t always easy to come up with a plan that marries all the event colors, themes, ideas, and criteria together. “So, today I’m gonna share my process for turning unlikely event themes and color schemes into beautiful floral decor and making all the elements come together – in a congruent way.

“I’ve worked with lots of committees and that means lots of ideas and opinions to blend together – which isn’t always easy. But with a little thoughtfulness and purpose all things can come together really beautifully.  

Unlikely Themes & Schemes Can Play Nicely

So, I’m gonna show you the process I used to pull off some lovely florals in the unlikely combination of the Color Pink with a nod to the Autumn Season for a Breast Cancer Awareness event where the Committee wanted to see feminine, sophisticated, arrangements that they could have fun recreating themselves!

This is the same process I’ve used throughout my career as a wedding and event designer. And at the end of the video, I’ll show you how to access the styling techniques I used for each of the designs you’ll see here. OK?

Pink Does Autumn for Breast Cancer Awareness Event

My Process: #1.) Take It All In

The first thing I do is take in all information, ideas, requests, and requirements – of all the people involved. Then I just Breathe – cause that can be overwhelming and confusing.

“Rubber Band” Technique

My Process: #2.) Gather All resources

Then I gather all resources I already have that can possibly align to those ideas, requests, & requirements. For practical purposes I start with what I have. In your case you might start with vases, containers, ribbons, accessories that people have offered you for the project.

“Line-Em-Up” Technique

My Process: #3.) Decide on the Containers

Then I sort through everything and decide on the containers. For this event I gathered every pink vase, vessel, bowl and dish that I owed. One-of-a-kind containers can be used on their own on individual tables as accent pieces. Containers that you can get multiples of – like this square cube can be used for table centerpieces.

“Divide & Conquer” Technique

Containers can set the foundation for your work. They’re directly aligned to your linen choice and the size and shape of your arrangements. So, let the vases, vessels and containers do the hard work of clarity for you – make them one of your first decisions and move on from there.

“Exterior Natural Armature Technique”

“God loved flowers and created soil. Man loved flowers and created the vase.”


My Process: #4.) Choose Some Accessories

Once you know what your containers will be you can choose some accessories that align with the other event colors, themes, schemes, ideas, and criteria. Since I was working with assorted pink glass vases for this event the next thing to take care of was pulling that “Nod to Autumn” request into the picture. And permanent fall botanicals took care of that perfectly.

“Maxi-Mini clusters” Technique

My Process: #5.) Find a Unifying Agent

Then the hard part: Making that unlikely combo of Pink and Autumn work together. I needed a unifying agent – something that would bridge the two together in a congruent way. So I reach out to Copper – a warm and rosey metallic that would blend beautifully with pink and bring a glimmer of fall into the mix – I gathered every medium of copper I had in the studio: copper ribbons, wires, paints, and mesh.

“Foliage Basing” Technique

My Process: #6.) Buy ONLY What’s Needed

The only supplies I had to buy for this event were the fall leaves. I even found some with coppery glitter. You probably don’t have all that stuff sitting around your home. But with this process you will be able to make a shopping list that will keep you focused on your overall event design and prevent you from buying things you don’t need.

“Handy Hand-Tied” Technique

My Process: #7.) Prepare the “Set-Ups”

Once all the supplies have been procured it’s time to prepare all the containers for styling. You’ll use different set up techniques for various vases, vessels and containers but each should include and represent as many elements of the event decor as possible – so you don’t have to think about that anymore.

“Exterior Wire Armature” Technique

My Process: #8.) Make Extras

While you are preparing containers it’s a good idea to make a few extras with little bottles, jars, or mini vases – because there will be broken blooms and leftover flowers. These little accent pieces can be used around the event, for thank you gifts, and may even solve the problem of add-on tables later.

My Process: #9.) Order & Buy Flowers

At this point order and buy your flowers. You’ll be so prepared almost any combination of flowers will work. I used an assorted mix of pink and two-tone orange flowers for this event. But l could have used bronze, assorted fall flowers, or just three types of flower – any combination would have kept me to theme because the containers represented the requirements so well.

“Interior Wire Armature” Technique

My Process: #10.) Have Fun with the Flowers

When it’s time to fill the containers with flowers – having the hard part done – the setups ready with the appropriate styling technique in place – it’ll be fast and easy – no matter whether you are playing with your whole committee, a small group, or all alone. You can simply relax, sort the flowers and have fun filling each vase, vessel or bowl.

“Lovely Liners” Technique

“Once the containers are set up arranging is fast, fun, simple and easy”


I’ve said many times “the most time consuming part of designing is in the set up and preparation of the containers”. And when you are working on an event decorating project – all of this can be done up to two weeks in advance.

These arrangements were done with beautiful flowers and are congruent to theme, even though they are very different. Actually, I think they are more interesting because they are different – than they would be if they were the same. And, they can all work together – or stand alone – anywhere at the event.


Well, there you have it – my process for making unlikely event elements play together. And as promised, you can learn the styling techniques that I demonstrated at the event right here. Just join our community email list and get immediate access to TecQ Sheets for all the techniques you saw here and some other free floral resources.

“Interior Natural Armature” Technique

Then, the next time you find yourself as part of the decorations committee … you’ll have a head start on the project and be able to take the lead on the ever-so-important floral aspect of the event.

“Popular Paraphernalia” Technique

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“May your life be touched by the beauty and wonder of flowers in all their unlikely combinations.”

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Dottie Harrigan,

Voice of “The Flower Godmother”