The Flower Godmother

 MEET “The Flower Godmother”

Hello Friends and Flower Lovers:

Dottie Harrigan, here – With an introduction and explanation of the:

Who / What / When / Where / Why & How of …“The Flower Godmother

Just in case you’re wondering!


 WHO – She Is

Offering you …

Floral information, insights, ideas, and inspiration as the “Voice of the Flower Godmother” …

… Is an absolutely a self appointed title and self imposed role.

One that has given me a lot of pleasure, has been a lot of fun in the past few years and hopefully …

has helped (or will help) you enjoy flowers in your daily life!



 WHAT – She Stands For

You should feel free to buy flowers whenever and wherever you find them.

And to do that, you need to know what you are buying (convenience and/or service) what you are paying for (labor and/or attention) and how to care for them in their various forms –

so you can have a great experience with your flowers each and every time.

 WHEN – She Came About

Sharing flower information with you has always come naturally for me because consumer education was part of my first job.

When blogging became popular, a name that I had once been called at a Marriott catering staff demo resurfaced: “Flower Godmother” so, I took on that avatar.

She’s been through several modifications since the first application. And now we love the variations of her that graphic designer Kirie Samuels has created for us.



 WHERE – She Gets Her Ideas, Insights, Inspiration

Keeping up with your desire to know about flowers is a never-ending process! I’ve been in the industry a long time but there’s always something new.

So, just like you, I’m still learning – through national and international trade shows, membership in industry organizations, my clients’ needs and expectations, feedback from the Flowerhandlers Community, and outreach programs with the general public.

All exposure offers new insight that can be shared.

 WHY – She Is Valuable To You

Having fresh cut flowers around is one of the easiest ways to positively affect your mental attitude, personal relationships, individual lifestyle, and all-around well-being.

My intention is to offer information so you see the value in them, inspiration so you know how to use them, and cost effective ideas so ore of you can enjoy more flowers, for more reasons, far more often – and reap the benefit of having them around in your work and home environments.



 HOW – To Participate With Her

You can get started by joining the Flowerhandlers Community and access the free flower resources I’ve created for you to use. There are posts, pages, and articles for you within this website. I’m always happy to hear about your floral journey.

Feel free to touch base with me if you need a keynote speaker, workshop instructor, or project facilitator for your group or organization. Working as the “Voice of The Flower Godmother” is one of my favorite jobs. And, I look forward to meeting you along the way.

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