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Friends and Flower Lovers:

I want you to fully enjoy fresh cut flowers in your daily life and experience for yourself the intrinsic value and benefit they offer.

And because there is so much (seemingly) conflicting information about flowers (care and handling, where to buy, how to make them last, how to get the most from them) I thought you could use an advocate – like the favorite aunt (or godmother) you go to for advice, knowing she will have your best interest in mind.

So, on this site, throughout these pages and within the categorized posts found here, I write via the voice of “The Flower Godmother” and offer plenty of ideas, information and inspiration whether you are new to fresh cut flowers or are a long-time flower lover expressionist, enthusiast, hobbyist, or future flower handler.

My intention is to enable everyone to make their own magic with flowers, for it surely is a charmed life.

Enjoy your visit here and be sure to join the Flowerhandlers Community by submitting your name, email and relationship to flowers. You”ll be able to immediately access four free floral resources I’ve created for you:

1.) A Care-N-Handling Guide for flowers in various stages of development

2.) A list of Set-Up Essentials making it easy to enjoy flowers in your home

3.) An Inspiration List filled with floral quotes, poems and passages to use and share

4.) And 12 Flower Arranging TecQ Sheets with easy mix-n-match flower arranging instructions for Design-It-Yourselfers!

In the meantime ..

May your life be touched by the beauty and wonder of flowers.

Warm Regards,

Dottie Harrigan


~ Flower Advocate
~ Voice of, The Flower Godmother
~ President, Flowerhandlers

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