Hey Flower Lovers,

Aren’t we a curious bunch? We sometimes make things so complicated for ourselves.

I find myself doing it sometimes too!

Well, this month I’m all about trying to keep the upcoming fall season “simple as summertime”. And with a focus on roses this “Orange Roses Arranged” video is all about KISS – Keeping it Sweet & Simple.

We’re ignoring all those styling techniques I usually rant about and going straight to some simple tips and processes that will help you make fast, fun, simple and easy rose arrangements.

The images in the video are from a Flowerhandlers display at a NACE conference a few years back and from the original Roses, Roses, Roses! CD – that we published in the early 2000’s. But the message is even more applicable in today’s time starved world than just a few years ago. Flower arranging should be fun – and that means fast – and immediately gratifying!

So, watch this video to learn why sometimes you might need a styling technique … but sometimes – when you want to get the job done fast – some sweet and simple tips for arranging are all you need!

Sweet Tips, Tricks & Processes for Simple Rose Arrangements

No Technique – Just Sweet & Simple – Free Style

I’m always talking about the FGM’s 12 Styling Techniques but recently I was arranging a bunch of roses with a friend and she asked, “What techniques were those”? LOL. Well, she caught me – there were no special techniques used. We simple sorted a bunch of roses into four mini vases and arranged some simple little accent pieces for her home.

Sweet Tips, Tricks & Processes

So, Today, we’re gonna bypass all those styling techniques I usually rant about and I’m going to share some basic flower arranging tips, tricks, and processes that any busy homemaker can use to quickly arrange a bunch of roses for home decor – or gifting.

“I’ve designed flowers professionally for so many years it’s sometimes easy to forget the simple & basic flower arranging skills I learned 40 years ago – that most of our Flower Handlers Community Members take for granted.

You know, basic skills like – knowing how to clean and chop vegetables when cooking or measuring and blending ingredients when baking. Handling flowers is not a life-skill most people learn – until they have an interest in flowers.

Care-N-Handling Guidelines

So, once you’ve watched the video, and after I’ve shared sweet Tips, Tricks and Processes, for flower arranging maybe you’ll want to get our Care and Handling Guidelines to help you on your floral journey. OK?

Sometimes you need a Styling Technique

You see, sometimes you DO need a Styling Technique ..

to control the placement of your flowers,

or distribute them evenly in your arrangement …

to get the shape you want,

or the height you need.

Sometimes you need a Styling Technique

And, sometimes you DO need a styling technique

to hold everything together,

or keep your flowers from falling out of your container …

to add volume to your design,

or add a specific color to your arrangement.

Sometimes you need a Styling Technique

And, sometimes you do NEED a styling technique

to make it easy to share your flowers,

or make the most of your broken blooms …


Sweet & Simple Enough!

But, “Sometimes, a Busy Homemaker just needs a set of little vases … And some sweet and simple tips, tricks & processes to make fast, fun, and easy floral accents for their home.”

So. that’s what I’m gonna share with you here.

Sweet Tips

Measure Against Vase for Length

When I’m doing demos people often ask: “How do you know how long to cut the flowers?” Well, you can cut one flower, measure it in the vase and then use it as your guide – but I usually just measure the stems against the vase outside the container and decide where to cut.

Cut in Groups for Accuracy

And, when people ask: “How do you get them all to be the right length?” My answer is – once you’ve measured, gather all the heads together and cut the stems in groups. This will also save you time. This Tip makes arranging so fast – I teach it to professional designers in my “vase work Classes”.  

Sweet Tricks

Vary Heights for Depth

The way to get depth and interest – so all your roses aren’t on the same level and battling each other for space to open completely – is to stagger their heights with some stems shorter and some stems longer than others.

Use Flower Foliage Wisely

A lot of people (even professionals) strip away all the foliage. I leave it on until I design – that way I might be able to use it – not waste it. I mean – I paid for the flower foliage – so I want to use it if I can. Rose leaves can be beautiful – just make deliberate cuts so you can use your foliage wisely.

Simple Processes

Flowers First

When I do flower programs attendees ask what about the sequence of a design. For every arrangement the answer is different. Sometimes I start with flowers – to set the perimeters of the design, then add a layer of foliage, and finish with the final insertions of flowers … And sometimes I do just the opposite.

Foliage First

I start with foliage, then place flowers – usually the largest to smallest. It’s like making a salad – it doesn’t matter which vegetable you chop first and put in the bowl as long as it all comes together in the end – and you probably throw a salad together a little differently each time you make one. You’ll make your arrangements in a little different way each time too.

Sweet & Simple Arranging

Make it Fun!

Flower arranging is supposed to be fun! Let your basic sweet and simple skills (like measuring & cutting in groups, varying the heights, using flower foliage) be enough – and just feel your way through it.

Flower arrangement: Just two yellow daffodils, the first to bloom”

L.A. Davidson

Remember, what writers, poets, and artists have taught us through the ages … “Flowers are not a luxury but a necessity for life well lived.” In the beginning of this post I mentioned that handling flowers is not a life-skill most people learn and I promised you some Care & Handling Guidelines to help you on your journey.

Simply join our community email list. You’ll be directed to a page where you can download the Flower Godmother’s Care & Handling Guide and some other free floral resources. Then, the next time you sort and arrange a bunch of roses into multiple vases …

your biggest dilemma will be deciding how to distribute them room to room throughout the house … Or whether to keep them in one room – and bask in their beauty – all by yourself – at least for the duration of some spa time!

Sometimes You Need a Styling Technique …

But, Sometimes, Sweet & Simple is Enough!

Thanks for reading.

“May Your Life Be Enriched with the Beauty & Wonder of Flowers … Arranged Sweet & Simply”.

Warm Regards,

Dottie Harrigan

Voice of “The Flower Godmother