Sweet & Simple Flower Design Armature

In the Flowerhandlers Design School (Focus on Shapes Course) we teach students the benefits of making and using simple flower design armatures for quick and easy fresh flower arranging. It’s a fast mechanism to use for creating freestyle arrangements in all kinds of vases with assorted flowers and mixed bouquets.

bouquet for simple flower design

Students secure curly willow, red dogwood tips, or other soft branches into knotted bundles, flared wands, or whip shaped structures (shown below) that will hold flowers in place as their design develops.

curly willow armature for simple flower design

curly willow armature for simple flower design

The trick to designing in these structures is to align the shape of the armature with the shape of the vase. Then the armature offers support for your insertions of flowers and foliage so you can get the desired shape of your arrangement.

using curly willow for simple flower design

using curly willow for simple flower design

Once an armature is created can be used, rinsed, dried, and reused time and time again in the same or similar vase. But how do you get control of a mixed bouquet design if you don’t have access to any material for an armature?

easy fresh flower arranging with bells of ireland

easy fresh flower arranging

There is always something in a mixed bouquet that can be used as a simple but effective armature to control your fresh flower arrangement. In the bouquet shown above there were four strong and sturdy Bells of Ireland. By using the rubber band that held the bouquet together to softly bind the bottoms of the Bells we have made the perfect armature for this column vase.

sorting flowers making fresh flower arrangments

flowers making fresh flower arrangments

The next step is to separate the flowers into like groups and take stock of what else is in the bouquet. So you can decide what will be used and in what sequence. In this case (because the vase is tall and skinny) we will not use the chrysanthemums (pom poms) – they are too uncontrollable.

how to do flower arrangemnts in column vase

Our general rule of thumb is to work with the largest blooms first and then continue to the smaller blooms. But for this vase we take an opposite approach – inserting all the filler flowers (purple statice, seafoam statice, and green button poms) in and around the Bells of Ireland, evenly distributing colors and textures around the vase.

steps for simple flower design with mixed bouquets

Once the fillers are in place the design holds pretty still in the vase and a layer of feature flowers (delphinium, carnations, alstromeria, lilies, and gerbera daisies) can be added to the design – working from largest to smallest blooms. If flower food was provided with your bouquet you can dump the water that you designed in and replace it with preservative water according to the package directions. In this case (because all the stems are touching the bottom of the vase) one cup of preservative water would suffice and could be added to or replaced to make your flowers last as days go by.

tall flower centerpiece idea in glass

If you want to embellish the look of the vase you can add a band …

ribbon makes handsome flower arrrangement for men

… or two of handsome ribbon that matches your décor, or …

… you can use the colorful bouquet sleeve wrapping to enhance the color of your vase.

And what about the pom poms we left out of the bouquet?

simple spring flower arrangement with curly willow armature

They were a perfect fit for the square glass vase with knotted willow armature.

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