Hi, Flower Lovers,

The fall and winter holiday season is fast approaching and you’ll be decorating your homes and gathering with friends and family over the next few months. It can get a little expensive to buy all new holiday trimmings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations every single year.

So, I today I’m going to show you 12 design ideas and talk about how to how to make flower arrangements for fall & winter festivities that can take you from the Harvest Season … Through the Christmas Holiday … & Into Your New Year’s Celebration!

I’ll show you how to Re-Cycle. Re-Furbish. Re-Claim. Re-Construct. & Re-Use some things you may already own to make beautiful seasonal flower arrangements that match your home decor, are perfect for gifting, and happen to be pretty cost effective.

Growing up on a farm the philosophy always was to use what you have and to waste nothing. That mindset has served me well throughout my career as a professional floral designer, marketer, and media creator. It influenced me to begin every Concept, Display or Vignette I ever pulled together starting with what was already on hand.

Be Creative With What You’ve Got


Since everyone loves having flowers around they should be an important part of your holiday Gatherings, Hosting and Gift giving – but you’ll want to make sure you are getting the most value out of your resources.    

“Flowers … are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of the character.”

Lydia M. Child

Versatility is Key

So, today I’m going to show you twelve design ideas using the FGM Styling Techniques that you can adapt for the fall and winter holidays – using supplies you may already have. And since versatility is the key here – you can use the ideas now and all throughout the year.

These arrangements were designed using different styling techniques that can be mixed, matched, blended and combined for unlimited designs. At the end of the video, I’ll show you how you can learn the styling techniques. But for now let’s look at each arrangement and see how the “Be creative with what you have” philosophy played out for them. OK?

Harvest Season Idea #1

A recycled dish-garden pot, repurposed burlap bag, “never-to-be-used-again” christmas tree ornaments (what was I thinking), some fall colored raffia, and coppery leaves, became the perfect supplies to make an autumn maxi mini cluster arrangement with sunflowers, pom poms and nandina.

FGM “Maxi-Mini Clusters” Technique

Harvest Season Idea #2

Voice – A small glass cylinder vase becomes the liner for a larger one that has copper roping coiled between – Reconstructing the container to give it more texture & color. Then those same plaid tree ornaments, some fall leaves and airbrushed myrtle berries – (that’s a fancy way of saying “spray painted myrtle berries”) were used in this harvest centerpiece of orange asiatic lilies.

FGM “Lovely Liners” Technique

Harvest Season Idea #3

A recycled square vase, remnant of wide ribbon, airbrushed myrtle berries from the yard, and the last tidbits from 2 types of permanent botanical leaves all work together to bring texture, depth, and volume to a simple small autumn centerpiece of orange roses.

FGM “Divide & Conquer” Technique

Thanksgiving Festivities Idea #1

My friend Terry Godfrey AIFD challenges floral designers to “de-construct” and “re-imagine” things. This interior n armature is an old cornucopia – deconstructed & then reconstructed with copper deco wire and raffia into a coil that starts inside the bowl and ends outside the bowl. Artificial candied fruit and red-hot chili peppers from the garden give a nod to the harvest season.

FGM “Interior Natural Armature” Technique

Thanksgiving Festivities Idea #2

Voice – There’s NO room for flowers on the Thanksgiving table and that’s exactly what makes this Line-Em-Up arrangement so perfect. Recycled bud vases, scraps of burlap, copper banding and raffia set the vases up nicely. A single strand of leaf garland, 2 leftover candied fruits, and 3 long branches of red dogwood tips from the yard tie red alstromeria and glitter thistle together in a skinny centerpiece that takes up less than 3″ of tabletop.

FGM “Line-Em-Up” Technique

Thanksgiving Festivities Idea #3

Who doesn’t have an old vase sitting around that just doesn’t work with their current decor? Well, pull out the spray paint friends cause it is the perfect solution. This was a pink translucent vase, which was refurbished with bronze metallic paint and embellished with copper banding and red raffia. It makes a gorgeous vessel for lush magnolia, red roses and hypericum. Those 3 candied fruits are just the ticket to pull the metallic up from the vase into the design.

FGM “Foliage Basing” Technique

Christmas Holidays Idea #1

I love this clear classic styling vase because it is so versatile. I’ve reused it over and over again. It’s been covered in fabric, burlap and broad foliages before. Here it’s got a ribbon tied around the neck with glittery holiday balls simply glued to the ribbon. And, it’s filled with red deco wire as the structure for an interior wire armature that is strong enough to hold everything in place.

FGM “Interior Wire Armature” Technique

Christmas Holidays Idea #2

A re-used popcorn tin becomes a bridge for home decor (teal) and Christmas (red). Supplies were refurbished to align with the tin. A dried hydrangea was tinted teal. Silk leaves were painted gold. Hanging ornaments were given stems. Then everything came together in a Christmassy Hand-Tied Bouquet with red alstromeria and bay leaves from the herb garden.

FGM “Handy Hand-Tied” Technique

Christmas Holidays Idea #3

Here’s the same old vase we’ve seen before. This time it’s painted with red metallic paint and has an exterior wire armature swirled over the top of it with mini balls hanging from the armature. This set-up offers a cascading effect to the otherwise upright and vertical arrangement of roses, scotch broom and other painted foliages from the yard.

FGM “Exterior Wire Armature” Technique

New Year’s Celebrations Idea #1

I generally don’t cut hardwoods from the property. But if its already on the ground it’s fair game. This dead branch was cut to fit the vase. Then it’s sections were painted winter white. Feathery garland left from an event and last year’s mini lights were strung over the branches. It makes a great structure for long lasting flowers and foliages like these magnolia, pine and alstromeria – that would take you from Christmas into the New Year.

FGM “Exterior Natural Armature” Technique

New Year’s Celebrations Idea #2

Got a plain clear vase that needs some character? Ribbon is your “go to” medium. A few inches of assorted ribbons layered around a vase can transform it to align with any decor color or style of your choosing. Then you can add any embellishments you want to a simple flower selection and use the rubber band technique to get a lovely celebration centerpiece.

FGM “Rubber Band” Technique

New Year’s Celebrations Idea #3

One more refurbished old vase – this time in grey hammered paint with a glittery beaded trim. Not so perfect pinecones are gathered into clusters of 3 and reclaimed with white paint and glitter. The glass beads offer weight to the vase so it can hold heavy evergreens, fresh white hypericum and statice along with the permanent white poinsettias – which can be re-used in many ways.    

FGM “Popular Paraphernalia” Technique

Re-Cycle. Re-Furbish. Re-Claim. Re-Construct. Re-Use.

Most of the set-ups in these designs started with old supplies that were recycled, refurbished, reclaimed, reconstructed, and reused to meet my new vision. And you can do that too, by starting with what you have on hand and seeing it with new eyes. Then you can add fresh flowers and foliages to your set-ups for holiday decor that is beautiful and affordable.

“Use what you have. Waste nothing. Create With What You’ve Got.”


Well, there you have it – the way my past influences my present and the way I pull projects together that feel good to me on a cellular level – using what I have and not wasting anything.

And as promised, here’s how you can learn the styling techniques you’ve seen here. Just join our community email list. You’ll get immediate access to my 12 TecQ Sheets and some other free floral resources. As a Flowerhandlers Community Member you’ll also get some exclusive content and personal updates that I just don’t share anywhere else.

“Flowers … are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of the character.”

Lydia M. Child

Then, when it comes time for holiday gatherings & decorating (whether it’s fall winter spring or summer) you’ll be able to collect what you already have, use it in a new, creative, cost effective way and have a fresh new look in your decor and gifting.

Thanks for reading!

“May your life be touched by the beauty and wonder of perfectly creative & cost effective holiday flowers.”

Warm Regards,

Dottie Harrigan,

Voice of The Flower Godmother